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This BIG MAD? Or Little Mad? Snissy’s Mad-Size Trick Fun & Educational Workbook has been created for the student who is ready for a rewarding challenge—a challenge to expand his or her reading comprehension level by completing fun activities that reinforce a story’s meaning while helping the student achieve academic success! Throughout this workbook, your child will be challenged to read and complete the “Rhyme Time Words” activity, where he or she will discover that many rhyming words end with the same letter combination (splat, cat, top, and drop) while some do not (wait, plate, bite, and right). Learning this recognition will not only broaden your child’s awareness of phonics, but will also help advance his or her vocabulary and improve spelling. Next, your child will have fun coloring the “Storytime Picture” activity. Then continue on to the “Education Application” activity, where your child will explore drawing and tracing exercises, puzzles, definitions, and more! Encourage your child to complete the Bonus Fun Activities: “Rhyming Word Pictures” and “Vowels Are Long and Short!” After your child has completed the entire workbook, reward him or her with the cut-out “I did it!” certificate on the back cover!

BIG MAD? Or Little Mad? Snissy's Mad-Size Trick: Fun & Educational Workbook

SKU: 0014
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