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Hello! My name is Gram! Well, my real name is Joyce, but my granddaughter, JaNiah calls me Gram! I have had the awesome pleasure of watching JaNiah grow up since birth! And believe me, this little girl has added a world of witty excitement and creative thinking to this Grandmother's life! Whenever we're together, JaNiah comes up with witty words and interesting ideas that make me chuckle to myself when I hear them! Her wit and childlike curiosity inspires my own creativity and challenges the way these old but new eyes can see the world around me, too! You see, I am a graphic designer and creative writer by profession. So one bright and sunny afternoon, JaNiah's BIG IMAGINATION danced with my CREATIVE TALENTS and spun one BIG IDEA—The Imaginary World of Snissy Snit Burger™! This series of children's books, games, and activities follow Snissy on a fun-filled adventure of exploring this BIG WORLD! And, inspires children of all ages, to use their own BIG IMAGINATION to see this world for what it can be—A MAGICAL PLACE TO GROW UP!  Gram sincerely hopes you and your kids enjoy these wonderful adventures of a curious little girl with a BIG IMAGINATION!


The Adventures of Snissy and Gram

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